Let's fly on the wings of unlimited power of Dreams

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- Vacuum Void Virtue

Is an Artist, Poet, Philosopher, Life coach, Transforming meditation teacher, and Researcher.
He is The Mode of the Universe - Total Transformation Trice - Quantum Cosmic Consciousness of Oneness - THE UNIVERSE. He lives alternatively in Prague, Czech Republic and in Carlsbad / Aviara, California.

His paintings are loaded with esoterical, metaphysical, and mythological ideas and generally have strong impact on his artistic work where images, colors, and symbols communicate and are of utmost importance. The influence of Dada / surrealism is evident. The very important factors of his paintings are revelation of reality through fantasy and dreams and the non-conformist rendition without establishment's limitation, tabus and uniformity. His intensity of colors goes beyond appearances, consciousness, and subconsciousness of esoterical forms that reflect and radiates the power of stimulated archetypes. His pictures are powerfull images with strong suggestive vibration. As bioresonators they can stimulate viewer's psyche.

Through bright reflection of stars - Golden Dreams came to us as an essence of Universal Imagination. Let's fly on the wings of unlimited power of Dreams.

by Daniel Stein-Kubin

I am dying through your white teeth
I am dying through thinking about tomorrow
I am dying into the void
I am dying into the wholeness
I am after lunch even I am before it
You left before you came
The coffin is growing in the forest -
and is waiting for its own destiny
The thoughts were separated from excrements -
but they are still united
Victims are killing their murderers
The soul was flooded out of body
Statue without sense in the middle of the square -
as a mirror of nothingness for the next generation
I am dying through hard work
I am dying through hard laziness
I am dying and swimming in an ocean of desire
I am dying even if I do not want to
I am dying because I was born to die

Published in Vremja (Riga, Latvia) 2005

Dear Friends and Clients,

Daniel Stein-Kubin exhibits his abstract paintings
Quantum Pataphysicum at Kubin ART America - Cosmic Runway at Aviara/Carlsbad, California and at Kubin ART Europe - Cosmic Runway in Prague, Bohemia.

Daniel will be also with his clientele in Las Vegas, NV, Palm Springs, CA , Sedona, AZ , Paris, France, Venice, Italy and Vienna, Austria.

Kubin ART is wishing to all of you Happy Holiday and Chag Sameach !!! 

Daniel Stein-Kubin, an Artist, Philosopher, Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, and Founder of original life improvement concept Quantum Cosmic Consciousness of Oneness, will be in Europe in April-June 2022. You can meet him in the Art Studio Kubin in Prague 6 - Bubenec. You can call for appointment: 731 747 533 or go to www.kubinart.com for more information.

Dear Friends, Art Studio Kubin at Aviara presents Daniel Stein-Kubin, Ph.D., Th.M., Laureate of European Medal of Franz Kafka, Master of Kabbalah, philosopher, and Zazen meditation teacher who is launching his unique original project - Quantum Cosmic Consciousness of Oneness. We all need the right initiation in the right ways to experience the synchronicity of goodness and purpose in our lives in process of Transformation. Daniel is a very strong intuitive with ability to understand your inner secrets and guide you toward what is important in all areas of your life. Cosmic energy will work for you.  To arrange an appointment please call 760-804-5714.

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