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"What is in the macrocosm, is in the microcosm."
Hermes Trismegistus & The Zohar

To arrange an appointment please call:
+420 731 747 533 (Europe), 760 804 5714 (U.S.A.).

 Quantum Cosmic Consciousness of Oneness



Who am I? Who can I be? What can I attain? These are all important questions that many of us have been asking ourselves again and again. To answer these questions, first one must find one's place in the Universe. There are many exciting ways to realize and establish one's life, self-confidence, family, relationships, business, and success, etc. for one's ultimate happiness and positive self esteem.
"Supernatural power" becomes only "natural power" when one learns how to tap into it. It is at our disposal to serve us. We need right initiation, in right ways, to experience the synchronicity of goodness and purpose in our lives.
Dr. Stein-Kubin has an M.A. in Theology and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Charles University in Prague (est. 1348). His major is Kabbalistic studies, especially Lurianic Kabbalah. Dr. Stein-Kubin spent one year practicing in Israel where he received great guidance. He has been practicing numerology for over thirty years. He is a very strong intuitive with the ability to understand your inner secrets, and guide you towards what is important in all areas of your life. Cosmic energy will work for you!!

Quantum Cosmic Consciousness of Oneness is a total life improvement concept. It's nondualistic, nonanthropic advanced method of unification in the Universe forced and powered by COVAEX ( Cosmic Vacuum Expansion ) in full macro - microcosmic Process of Transformation. There is no Time, no Space and we can jump beyond limited set up of linguistic axioms but only when practicing. You will be able to overcome a fear and you will understand that the death does not exist - everything is just transforming. Your mind will be liberated and cleared from wrong set ups of different ideologies built on limited mentally problematic forces. Your mental ability becomes a real force of the Universe. Exercise and proper nutrients are also important and part of this comprehensive method of the Life Transformation. This is a method of the Real Space Immersion. Through the Process of practicing this method, you will be awakened into a Cosmic Wisdom, strong intuition, telepathy, and you will experience amazing unlimited power as a Cosmic Being away from fragmented dualism into ultimate Oneness. You will be full of confidence and able to say: "I'm an Eternal Now Everywhere". For appointment you can call the founder and developer of this method Daniel Stein-Kubin, who will explain, discuss, and practice with you.


(concentration on posture, breathing, and attitude of mind)
You will learn how to:
let go fear, open your mind to receive prosperity in all areas of your life, relinquish old belief systems that do not work, Meditation techniques capable of healing physical, emotional and spiritual problems

You will learn how to:
practice Guided Calming Body Relaxation, Mind Relaxation and Mind Transcendence.

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